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Surfnet Communications, Inc. is a community-oriented, wireless broadband Internet services provider. Our emphasis is on high-speed wireless access for mountain and coastal communities that are un-served by DSL or Cable.

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Advantages of Surfnet Wireless Broadband


"For years satellite was our only alternative to dial-up. Even that was recently getting slower. But switching recently to Surfnet has been like day and night! Their service is so fast and we're glad we can also support a local company."
---Juidth L., resident & telecommuter, Summit Area

"I need reliable and high-speed Internet service for my work with out of state licensing and other business contacts. I've always been able to count on Surfnet for that and am very satisfied with their service."
----Kaylee B., Compliance Mgr., Middleton Family Wines

"Here on the outskirts of town, I've finally found a reliable broadband provider " Surfnet! I'm glad I switched."
----Stephan. K., resident, San Luis Obispo County